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This week on Turn Me On Podcast we sit down for a chat with Red Hot Suz in front of a LIVE studio audience in Toronto! Below you can find a sample of some of the content Suz is producing over at her website . Click the link below for more!


written by Suz Ellis December 12, 2018


In part one of this series, I detailed the set up process of taking nudes – all the technical stuff and preparation I go through to set the scene for capturing beautiful and bomb nudes. Today in part two, I’m going to lay out my tips and tricks you all have been waiting for: posing and angles.

Knowing your angels is super important to photographing yourself, so I highly suggest practicing poses to yourself in the mirror; that’s how I learned my body. Another trick of mine, which I talked about in part one, is using the front facing camera on your phone, or a flipped camera screen to take your pictures. That way you can see exactly how you look as you’re posing.

What to do with your face

Working your face can sometimes be the hardest part of taking naughty photos of yourself, cause your body will be banging no matter what, but if your face is looking funny, then you might have to scrap it. Expressions make the entire photo, so it’s SUPER important to focus on what you’re projecting with your visage. Here’s some of my suggestions you can use alone or together to add to your mood.

Mouth Moves

  • Smile or Smirk

    • People forget that smiles can be sexy! Part of my brand is cute & sweet smiles, so I recommend adding some in your photo set if it fits the mood.

  • Pout

    • If I’m feeling a lil bratty a cute pout can make the receiver of my pictures turn into putty in my hands.

  • Bite lip

    • Ugh lip bites are SO hot!!

  • Biting or sucking prop

    • Whether it’s nibbling on a snack, kissing a dildo, or licking whatever you have on hand, you have endless possibilities for poses.

  • Blow a kiss

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