Our First Unicorn


Growing up in the Bible Belt, the word polyamory was... well, unheard of. Fast forward through my adolescence and a few daddy issues later and you’ll find me loving my way through the liberated communities of Canada. 

Upon meeting Bryde and Jeremie, my Unicorn phase was ignited. They were my first threesome and holy hell, what a delicious introduction. A splendid example of what healthy, playful, sensual group sex can be. That experience led to a few years filled with wild, juicy, explorative sex held in very safe and respectful group settings.

Feeling quite ripe and blossomed in my sexual being, the door to the other side opened when I met my current primary partner. With him I have learned what it means to be liberated in a bit more of a domesticated way. And instead of embodying an eager to please Unicorn, I feel more like a seductive Siren luring them to our love den. 

The “divine synchronicity” that is ALL of our lives is leading us on a path to become empowered in who we are, in where we come from. It’s undeniable that we all come from sex, one of the most repressed topics in our culture. Through my own experience of being sexually abused and shamed I’ve seen what a difference feeling empowered in your own sexuality can make- in even the smallest aspects of your life. This has inspired me to study different holistic healing methods and combine techniques, creating a session based experience, encouraging people to step into their sexual power and away from guilt based limitations. If this tickles your fancy you can visit me at https://www.facebook.com/roseireiki/ 

A million spanks to you B&J, not only for having me on your show but for creating an outlet that inspires people to explore their human nature.  I admire your open minds, hearts, and of course legs. 

I’m honored to have been your first unicorn

Jeremie Saunders