Chunk To Hunk

When I was growing up if you told me I would end up with a girl like Shameless, I would probably punch you right in the mouth for telling me such lies. 

Yet here we are 13 years after High school and dating the most beautiful girl I have ever met. 13 years is a long period of time and I will tell you now it was chock full of mistakes. Some I even got slapped over. 


B+J you are both such amazing people. Your reactions after telling you the questions Shameless asked me on our first date were priceless. Also J just give it a try worst case scenario you find out you don't like getting pegged.

P.S. R I didn't know you all that well before our threesome. I realize now how trusting it was to let me be apart of that experience. Thank you and sorry we didn't invite you to Stillwell afterwards.

Jeremie Saunders