Shameless Hussy

It took me a really long time to earn my nickname of being “shameless.” I went through so many terrible relationships that included emotional and mental abuse, I went through self-abuse, I was so insecure, jealous, and depressed for a really long time.

It’s only since finding and being with H that I have become my shameless self. I strongly believe that you should be able to accept yourself on your own and that you don’t need a partner to confirm your own self worth. But through H accepting every little strange piece of me that I have been able to accept those parts too. I have told him all of my deepest and darkest secrets, all the things I was most ashamed of, he’s seen me at my worst and when I say that I really mean he’s seen my literal worst. Now I feel more confident, I feel like I can tell other people some of these stories and hopefully they can feel confident to tell their stories and be a little shameless.

J&B talking with you and being on the show was so liberating. I hope you are always able to help people like me find their way, open up, and live their lives to the sexual fullest.

- Shameless.



R, I am guessing you probably listened to this and when I spoke about you I hope you didn’t think I was willing to sacrifice our relationship for a threesome. You’re amazing, I value your friendship very much, also you were the best third we’ve ever had. Xoxo

Jeremie Saunders