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Sweet As Sugar


If you’re reading this, you probably just listened to me as I spilled my dirty, sugar-baby secrets to the friendly Turn Me On Podcast hosts. After we finished recording, Bryde and I shared our mutual love for daily gratitude lists. These kind of journal prompts have helped me to manifest my goals and allow me to live presently and full of love and thankfulness every day.

I thought for my blog post I would compile a gratitude list specific to my sugar situation. I’m the first to acknowledge that this relationship isn’t without it’s cons, however I choose every day to fall in love and appreciation for the pros.

I am so grateful for…

  • The best sexual partner I’ve been with yet
  • Having someone who understands my innate sexual desires and accepts me free of judgement
  • Squirting
  • A stable, emotionally supportive partner
  • Someone who is interested and supportive of my dance
  • A remote controlled vibrating egg
  • A 10” solid stainless steel dildo kept very cold in the freezer
  • Very sweet sugar gifts such as a microwave, a television, beautiful dresses, car repairs, manicures, expensive jackets and purses and lingerie, Tiffany jewelry 
  • Fun getaways
  • Feeling empowered and strong in myself and my relationship choices
  • Laughing and enjoying each other’s company
  • Feeling very loved and appreciated
  • Knowing that someone has my back and looks out for me

And now as a special treat, I asked my 50 something sugar daddy to write a list of things he’s grateful for about me and our relationship.

couple 2.jpg

“What to say…. I found something I was not looking for and actively had sought to avoid… Someone I really care for in a complete way.  At first it was a simple look for an uncomplicated and fun time… It’s not that anymore. Yes, it’s fun and wonderful but it’s no longer simple. Coital bonding can do that but this is so much more than that. She is the person that while so different from me has the courage to just follow her heart. No limits just a spark of light or a maybe a flash of it. When I think about how we met I also think…how else and when else could we have.

I know loving someone 35 years’ younger is a crazy thing and sometimes it feels that way. But when our eyes connect all those years are forgotten. I have wondered if I am the tree in my childhood yard. That tree had only a few blooms on it and then a storm came through and thrashed it around, a few days later every bloom and every inch of that old tree flowered.

For me I have the experience to expect Katie to be emotional and sometimes unreasonable. In fact, it makes me crazy but it also makes me smile.  I have no idea where all this is headed but I know I love her and that no matter where our paths go I will be in her corner whether we are together or not.” –Michael

As you can tell, he didn’t really follow my instructions and maybe came up with something better… but that’s typical of us. Pisces eh.

Thanks for listening!

Xoxo, Katie







Jeremie Saunders