Chasing D In The Maritimes

I don’t always know what I’m talking about, but I do know that when I talk about stuff that our culture says we’re “not supposed” to talk about, I’m met with a ton of growth and a million lessons learned. So I’m kicking off 2018 with terrifying openness. I’m sharing with the world this casual TMI conversation with my pals at TMO so we can all think and feel things, and so our world might continue to peel back yet another layer of the elusive human sexuality onion.

The truth is, this post has got me blushing and anxious af about what my city’s going to think about my overshares. It feels strange to be asked to share your opinions on a public platform but sex is a big part of my life so Turn Me On asked me to spill my human beans on air.  At first it felt dangerous. There is a fear that I’ll misspeak or misrepresent and that’ll set us back. But like a lot of humans I’ve come to learn there is great value in misspeaking, in making mistakes. I see power in putting thoughts and feelings into words for humans to bat around in our minds, to judge and dissect. Whether my opinions gave you perspective or you thought I was talking out my ass, I’m hoping that some good learning will come from this episode.

We recorded this episode about two weeks before today when it was released. Since then I’ve had a hard time with the anticipation of judgement that might come from different circles in Charlottetown, the teeny town I love so dear. I am afraid the openness I’ve shown on this platform about my sexuality, and my sending this type of energy out into the world, may be misconstrued as a desire to be hyper-sexualized. I’m worried the ingrained culture of slut shaming and hyper-sexualization of women that exists in a lot of us may affect how my neighbours see me. I’m still working through it but letting go of that fear of judgement has been a really good lesson heading into the new year.

So dearest Judge Judys (Judies??)
I’m not (technically ;)) a sex expert. This was not an academic review or a job interview - please don’t treat it as such. I am just trying to be me 100, so you can be you, and we can be we 100. If you’ve got feedback about things I said please gently communicate it to me so I can learn life lessons. #workinprogress

On that note, here are a few things from my Turn Me On podcast episode I’d like to clarify further.:

  • At one point I said “men are dangerous” and before you tie me up and light the fagot I want to clarify what I meant. I think our culture has designed a world where, traditionally, a man’s identity and worth are based in their physical strength and suppressed emotion as “stoicism”. We tell them their value lies in their dominance and the acquisition of women. As a women, I find this very dangerous.

  • My website is actually ...Marketing 101: know your own fucking url

  • You like my Townie flow? I fucking love to rhyme. Hit me up if you make sweet beats and you want to make magique together.

  • Sorry about all the cute aggression excitement… I find souls in little bodies overwhelming.  

  • My point about smoking weed seems like it’s out of left field but it was in reference to an earlier conversation Bryde, Jeremie and I were having. But to reiterate - immense thanks to bb jesu for sweet, sweet cannabis. It regularly brings me great relief and a valuable perspective. I then said I think everyone should do more drugs. I meant adults, obviously. ADULTS should do more drugs. :)

Thanks everyone.

Make love and vibe high

Jeremie Saunders