Stifler's Mom

As I go hurtling through the air at 497 miles/hour, and 28000 feet above solid ground, I'm kinda stymied as to what to say as an intro for the peek into my life you're about to get. Contrary to how I may come off here, sometimes I do find it difficult to talk about myself. But, much like the flight I'm currently enjoying, my life is a combination of sunny skies, turbulence, cloud banks, a desperate need for headphones, sore knees, and free drinks... and you're in for a ride. 

I recently read an article claiming that the DNA of men that women fuck gets absorbed into our brains. While that claim is scientifically laughable, I still paused and thought how it's kinda true. Far be it for me to wax philosophical but every person I've been with – be it a singular encounter or long term relationship – have left a piece of themselves with me which I carry still. Even the most inconsequential encounters help to form the tapestry of my life. They are the adventures I have, memories I make, and stories I tell. And although I feel like we barely scratched the surface during our conversation here, I think the end result is a nice little tableau of the person I am.

Having thought back on my talk with Jeremie and Bryde here's a few tidbits I hope you take away:

1) Always leave them in better shape than you found them – thanks Dan Savage – don't be their tale of woe, be their tale of whoa! 

2) Remember, you’re only as old as the person you feel – and in my case that’s typically 21.

3) Sex in all its messy, wonderful forms, is an adventure – it's not the PiV (or your personal definition of sex) that's the be all, end all – getting there half the fun. Make stories when you make fuck.  

4) Be unapologetically and unabashedly yourself – never let anyone make you feel less than your authentic self. That makes for a shitty story.  

5) Finally, and most importantly, if you're a young, cute af guy, with a tight little ass... I hope our paths cross! 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll scooch off to my vacation so you can get to listening.

Jeremie Saunders