Keep in Touch: A Story with a Happy Ending



Touch is such a simple yet complex concept. It's something that is capable of having a profound effect on ones physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing whether positive or negative.  

Hello fellow listeners! My name is Lynne and I am a registered massage therapist (RMT), here to touch on the wonders of what it's like to be a female massage therapist and some of the interesting encounters I've had throughout my career so far.  

Let me first clarify and reduce the confusion around the terms masseuse vs. massage therapist. Masseuse literally means “female massager” and is often associated with the more Happy Endings side of the body work world, whereas a massage therapist is a professional non-binary title for those who practice therapeutic touch in the form of massage. It doesn't seem like a big deal to mix these two terms up, but in a province where there is no legislated definition it is important to embrace the more formal title to ensure that professional massage therapists get the respect they deserve. Not to mention keeping in check the amount of cheeky talk that some feel entitled to spew towards their body workers.  

I do feel, however, that no matter what legislation comes along, there will still be energy vampires out there that seek to take more than you are willing or prepare to share(whether with sexual intentions or not). It’s essential to protect your ‘bubble’ in order to preserve your own health and wellbeing. Personal space and self care! This little advice nugget is transferable to your everyday life. It is by no means reserved for just those who work in the field of healing touch. Don't get me wrong, I have a strong passion for spreading healing vibes and don't mind sharing my energy for the benefit of others, but you cannot serve others tea when your own pot is empty! Throughout my 5 years in massage, I have learned that I am more efficient and willing to share my touch with those who need it (not limited to my clients, if you catch my drift) when I am sharing as much love with myself as I am with those on my table. Here are some self care/love practices I use to stay in tip top sharing condition! 

- Hydrate!  Our bodies consist of anywhere between 50-75% water, and you can't expect your body and brain to function at peak if you haven't been watering it.  ~2 Litres of water a day is optimal for keeping things moving fluidly. 

- Doing (at least) one thing a day that you absolutely love. For me that means some time out in my garden playing with my plants, or going for a climb with friends, or listening to the latest episode of that podcast I'm enthralled with (*ahem*TMO*).

- Letting others help and heal you!  It's so easy to get caught up in giving-giving-giving, but reminding myself that it is just as important for me to absorb and embrace the energy that people send my way helps keep the balance. There is also something magical about having someone touch your feet with caring intention, especially after a long day. 

Through the ebbs and flow of conversation between Bryde, Jeremie and me, I hope there is some food for thought and enjoyment found. 

Love & Light, 

Lynne xo

Jeremie Saunders