Sex Tips From My Sister

Photo Credit: Billie Woods

Photo Credit: Billie Woods

Well I did it! I’m not going to lie, I was pretty terrified to be a guest on this podcast.  Even though I have spent so much of my life talking about sex with my friends, family and children, the idea of putting such an intimate conversation out there into the world felt really daunting.  

My sister, Bryde and her husband, Jeremie are two of the most incredible people I know and I love the work they are doing. I love that there is no judgement, just complete, unabashed curiosity about life, and that has to include the sexual appetite.  They are all about the experience of being alive, and sex is one of our greatest teachers, it’s real medicine.  

And so, with deep trust and abandon,  we set out on this adventure to discuss raising children in a sex-positive household.  Along the way we touched on many subjects, including my favourite…Blow Jobs.  

Tara & Bryde - Las Vegas, 2013

Tara & Bryde - Las Vegas, 2013

I used to talk about the basics with Bryde when she was younger.  That is the job of the older sister, after all, to pass down what she knows about pleasing herself and her partner(s). I am so proud to see that she has become such an explorer, and masterful teacher herself, and so grateful that she is in a marriage that allows for that experimentation.  She is like a sexual scientist!   And Jeremie is just as brave of an explorer into territory that certainly makes me blush…and that takes A LOT!

I love everything about sex.  Having lost my virginity quite young, and having had sexual experiences before that due to being left with people who didn’t have appropriate sexual boundaries, I was ravenous as a young woman for all things sexual.  Also, if you are into astrology, I am told I am a ‘Double Scorpio” which apparently helped my cause.  I found myself in situations where I felt extremely powerful and beautiful, and other situations where I gave myself away or was taken without my consent.   All of this searching has led me, after 30 years of research, to find what I love and want the most.  

I have found a partner that I can disappear with.  As we deepened our lovemaking,  we chose to make a vow of fidelity.  In this brave new world of open marriage (which is awesome!), we have closed our marriage up tight.  Not to own each other, not to restrict each other, but in order to find new levels of freedom.   We have both had many lovers. As a result, we have zeroed in on each other, our bodies, our minds, our breath, and have decided that this intimate playground is where we will do our exploring now.  Before, we were cartographers, creating maps of people, words, pain, of what turned us on, what shut us down. But now we are archaeologists, having settled on one site where we can excavate, opening up the ground, digging for the the ultimate treasures of pure oneness with life, and of absolute immersion with love.  

Everyone has a different path to freedom, but it is my theory that we are all looking for something deeper all the time. To get closer and closer with life,to have more intimacy.   This is how we evolve, and our sexuality, having been locked up for so long, is now being unleashed, and it’s beautiful, and it’s healing us.  

Bryde and Jeremie, you have my deepest respect for creating the Turn Me On podcast.  I adore you and am amazed by what you are teaching us all.  I hope my step by step Blow Job lesson can be of some service to humanity.

Love, Tara

Jeremie Saunders