I found My Tribe


My name is M

I'm 55 and have finally found my tribe.


I have known from an early age that I was different that other boys, in that at 7, I discovered the feel of nylons and tried on my first pair, and I was hooked. Since that early age, I have worn off and on through my late teens and early 20's, but never openly, and always under my male attire. It has taken 2 failed marriages and 2 decades to embrace my true self. I was fortunate to have been told by a friend about the website FetLife, and that I would find like-minded people.

This was indeed the case and has allowed the rebirth of the true me. It has catapulted into a journey of discovery of myself and opened my eyes to things that I had never knew existed. I has enabled my to find my tribe, finding people that are not only accepting of my life choices, but also encourage those life choices. It has given me the courage to openly wear nylons in public and allowed me to explore other facets of my gender bending side, such as wearing of high heels, make-up, nail polish, and other things that society as deemed for women. I have felt liberated by this new found freedom, and ability to go out in public wearing what I want. It also surprises and warms me, that I have had nothing but compliments from random people about my choices.

I have also discovered my interests in various Kinks, that I have come to love....I love wax play...pouring, dripping, and painting melted wax on people, it taps into my artistic side. I also enjoy fire play....the art of setting people on fire, in a very controlled manner. Both of these give great pleasure to the person that is receiving and I love this part of the kink. This community has allowed me this freedom to explore and discover.

It is a true journey of discovery for me, and I look forward to exploring and learning more.

- M

Jeremie Saunders