Testosterone: One Clit's Journey to Becoming a Dick

If you were to see me walking down the street you would peg me (no pun intended) as a hetero-looking, tattooed, bearded and what most people assume as, straight dude. Well guess what, I’m a few of those things, but not all. 

I’m actually a Queer, FTM (female-to-male), trans-identified guy who is pretty tender hearted. Trust me, I wasn’t always this confident in who I am and what I stand for. But over many years of self-discovery and a constant drive to build up my self-worth, I have become who I am today. 

My Turn Me On episode is all about my own personal experience as a trans guy, and we talk about anything and everything. From what my junk looks like, to how I like to get fucked, who I like to fuck, and who I like to fuck me. How I masturbate, what it was like transitioning from a female-to-male perspective, and the ever changing journey of my personal sexual experiences. We go deep folks… deep. 

One of my main goals coming onto this podcast was to put myself out there, so that other trans folk, or anyone really, can listen in and relate to something I have shared.

Growing up in a small town I struggled a lot in the beginning of my transition, because I couldn’t find someone to relate to, someone that could reassure me that I wasn’t alone. When I finally did find those people, my life changed completely. I found out that I wasn’t this abnormal being that society has made so many trans people to be. 

In fact, I’m a beautiful human, inside and out, and so is every other trans person out there. We possess the kind of courage and bravery to be our true selves; which in essence is what this podcast is all about! Discovering what brings you joy and happiness, whatever that may be, and expressing it shamelessly.

So to all of you out there, I hope by sharing my story it has touched you in more than one way ;) Signing off in true Turn Me On fashion, go fuck yourself, literally. 

- Travis 

Jeremie Saunders