Harness the power of Lust: Babalon Leather


My name is Ryan

and I make things out of leather. 

photography: Helena Darling

I started Babalon Leather in 2015 as an offshoot of my regular leather business after realizing how much of a market there was for sex positive handmade leather goods.

I’ve been crafting in leather for about 6 years and have dabbled in occult studies for twice that.  It was only natural that they would meet someday and with another passion: sex.  My wife and I are very sex-positive and have always enjoyed introducing others to explore the world of kink.  She is my muse as well as being the guinea pig for all of my new designs. 

The inspiration for creating this line of leather goods came from the 11th card in the major arcana of the Thoth Tarot deck. Originally this card is called “Strength” but Aleister Crowley changed the name to “LUST” to reinforce the idea of the Scarlet Woman: a feminine aspect of the godhead that he believed could be represented on earth by a living woman. This is contrary to the Christian image of the Virgin Mary whose power comes only from her chastity and innocence. The Scarlet Woman seduces all, and with that seduction gives understanding.

My aim with Babalon is to create seductive harnesses that accent the natural lines of the human body. In a world full of slut shaming I hope to counteract that, placing the power back in the hands of women by inspiring confidence.  These harnesses can restrict or set you free depending on how you choose to use/wear them.  Some are fashion harnesses and chokers that can be worn over clothes, lingerie or in the nude.  Think of them as leather jewelry.  Others are heavier fetish harnesses that can be used with restraints, rope and suspension bondage.  

Babalon Leather is also a decidedly feminist brand.  We’ve sponsored some events while working with Missy Ink, a woman-run feminist alternative culture magazine out of Toronto.  We also recently had a successful fundraiser for Stepping Stones, a wonderful resource group that helps support sex workers here in the city.  Future plans include helping raise money for local women’s shelters.

Harness the power of Lust.

- Ryan 

Follow Ryan on instagram - @babalonleather or check out the website www.babalonleather.com

Jeremie Saunders