Go F*ck Yourself

Photo Credit: Helena Darling - @the_woods_witch

From humping couches to cucumbers, I’m no stranger to a good ol’ self-love sesh. Thankfully, I’ve upgraded my tools since adolescence… (Hello, Hitachi).

I’ve loved getting off for as long as I can remember, but I haven’t always been so proud of it. I’ve had a pretty rocky sexual past, and a severe eating disorder kept me from celebrating my self-worth. I felt ashamed of my sexuality for a SUPER long time. My uneven boobs and flabby stomach meant I didn’t deserve to feel good. Also, cis dudes are the only ones that jack off, right?

Fuck that! Life’s too short. I want to live in a world where everyone who wants to cum can cum without shame. Ethically, of course. For me, that means fucking myself till the neighbors hate me. I’ve learned SO many things about my body, namely my pussy, from masturbating. I know just what I like, when and where; this really helps me communicate with my partners to get what I want. Masturbation has helped me have a more confident sex life, and I urge EVERYONE to do it (if that’s your thing). Try different positions, do it in the mirror, be fucking loud!

YOU’RE AN ANIMAL, BABY. Love yourself!

Karli xo 

Jeremie Saunders