When’s the last time someone came on your feet? (NSFW)

When’s the last time someone came on your feet? Recently? Never? It’s been too long for me. I certainly was not born with a foot fetish, nor do I possess a legitimate fetish of feet myself. I would call myself a foot fetish enthusiast.

As soon as I found out my partner at the time was in to my feet, and seeing how turned on it made them, it was a done deal for me – I was all about it. We spent 4 years together and it was a huge part of our relationship. I never ‘put up’ with it or needed time to get used to it. I found out very quickly that it did a lot for me, I wanted my feet to have as much attention paid to them as possible. Worshipped is the best term for it. It was a win win situation knowing I was completely satisfying my guys needs while I got to enjoy myself as well. Your partner has a foot fetish? Let them paint for toes. Massage your feet. Step on their face. Whatever works. Seeing feet in a sexual light or getting pleasure from my own never crossed my mind until I was involved with a foot fetishist, and now it is engraved. There’s just something so sexy to me about the subtle power of some nice feet. 

I won’t claim to be the kinkiest girl out there, but I definitely have my kinky elements and have always been an open minded highly sexual being. I am pretty much always in the mood when I have a good connection with someone, which comes with time (casual sex isn’t overly satisfying to me personally). I am only 24 so I am positive that my sexual horizons will only continue to be broadened over time and I look forward to this!

In our discussion for this episode we lightly touched the topic of me growing up with a mother who worked in the sex industry. Looking back, this likely played a factor in how open minded I am today. It used to be something I resented because I felt like I had been exposed to too much at a young age since it was something I was always aware of, and I just wished I had a mom with a ‘normal’ job (funny enough, she is your typical office lady now). These feelings all changed with time, but most of all after she got breast cancer. I quickly went from embarrassed and resentful to having the utmost respect for this woman.  She may have had cancer, but she was still willing to throw on a wig (and a sexy bra that never came off due to her only having one breast – she told me she would call them her hidden gems), and go out there despite being sick, to do what she had to do to make it work to support her kids. After her starting in the streets to progressing in to a more business-like approach over time, I have seen the ups and downs of this industry while not actually being involved in it. I fully support consensual sex work now and respect the people who do it. So years later, after going through a not so typical upbringing, I wouldn’t change a thing. Some things aren’t for everyone, but at the end of the day we all live our own lives and what we choose to do is our own business. I have no room in my life to judge people for how they choose to live their sexual lives. 

Sex is the most natural thing out there, have as much of it as you want and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it (whether it is for business or pleasure). Communication is key – so make sure you’re getting what you want once you’re comfortable. I feel bad for people who don’t tell their partners what they really want, or feel the need to fake orgasms (something I have never done and see no point in doing). Orgasms are pretty high up on my list of favorite things in life, so, the last thing I want is to look back when I am older with regret and wonder why I didn’t have more (good) sex. 
<3 Chelsea

Jeremie Saunders