"I don't think I'd ever be able to call you Daddy." 

"I don't think I'd ever be able to call you Daddy." 

Famous last words for a 30-something feminist with a vanilla past but an enticing future. V remembers exactly where they were when she first called T "Daddy". Although they'd already established a Dom/sub dynamic, the beginning of Daddy and little girl was a turning point in everything that would be T and V's relationship. 

The world of DDlg (Daddy Dom/little girl, or any Big/little dynamic) can be an intimidating one, but like anything, you can decide what works for you and what doesn't. It's not all-or-nothing. Some people age play. Some people have non-sexual Big and little relationships. Some people engage in their dynamic 24/7 and practice Total Power Exchange. For T and V, they range more in the caregiver/dependent world, and they equally find comfort in being Big and little on their own terms. For T, it allows him to express his Dominant side on a lighter note; for V, it gives her a place to regress to and allows her to express her youthful nature and needs. For both of them, there is a great fulfillment in being what their partner needs in a non-traditional way. 

Like anything, there can be a learning curve when figuring out a DDlg relationship, especially for first timers like T and V. But like so many things that fall under the kink umbrella, with loads of communication, education, and open-mindedness, the outcome can be something really special. T and V always joke about how naturally this dynamic comes to them; V is "such a little" and T is the Quintessential Daddy. It's at the heart of who they are, and being able to live that side of themselves openly is one of the best parts of their partnership. 

So, if you're left with questions like, "Daddy issues?", "Um... Ew?", or "Who is Molly?", well, you'll just have to listen in to find out! 

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Jeremie Saunders