More Imaginative Than A Sex Club. 

Something we hear often is "If you don't allow penetration or oral to genital contact what's the point? 

Several things really. First of all the potential for orgasm is still there.  Sex doesn't have to be penetration or oral.  There are so many creative things you can do with a partner that can cause an orgasm. The possibilities are endless but, a few we'd like to mention are E-stim, wand vibrators,  and spanking. Estim devices uses electrical pulses similar to a TENS unit to stimulate muscles. There are many different types available on the market that are placed on the genitals and can cause orgasm for some. Another really popular toy is wand style vibrators such as the vibratex or Doxy that come in both rechargeable and corded versions.  They produce extremely strong vibrations and you can purchase attachments for any gender. Last but not least some people can orgasm just from the kink play itself,  spanking seems to be a big one some people can orgasm from without any other stimulation. 

We also believe the fact that taking traditional sex off the table takes a lot of the pressure off. Being a kink club instead of a sex club means no one ever has to feel as though they should be having sex at the club.  If you just want to come and be social or learn that's completely ok and you never have to worry about feeling out of place.  We are an alternative lifestyles club and a kinky playspace.  You could be a completely asexual individual and still find a place within our community. 

Which leads us to the next point. Not all kink is sexual.  What is sexual for one may just be a way to relax or have fun for another.  Some great examples of this are rope bondage,  age/pet play,  or impact play.  Rope bondage can be very artistic and visually pleasing or just create relaxing feelings of safety.  Age/pet is a great momentary escape from real life where you don't have to worry about normal everyday things. Kind of the same way you might play a character in a video game. Impact play is known for creating endorphins to deal with the pain that give feelings of euphoria similar to the way you might feel after a really intense massage. Plenty of people do kinky things without it ever being sexual for them! 

The possibilities are endless for how you can enjoy the Society of Bastet. Just come with a little bit of imagination. 

For more information on the Society of Bastet head on over to their website! 

Jeremie Saunders