Twerking Cake Butts

Who’s a good girl? Me, at least when I’m not being a total brat which is more often than not. Growing up I always enjoyed when someone was more dominant in nature. I was brought up in a loving household and was told to find someone who treats me like a princess... Which don’t get me wrong, that’s still what I want but only after you unlock the ball gag from my mouth while I kneel at your feet. I kept quiet for a few years (not in the fun way) while having some not so great sex before I finally felt comfortable asking for more and I’m very happy I did… If you feel you’re in a similar position I strongly encourage doing the same. After all, who wants to have bad sex for the rest of their life, certainly not me…

 I’ve spent the last few years getting to know my submissive side better, learning my limits and what I like. I’ve always known I enjoyed rope bondage but in the last year I’ve been introduced to it from an artistic perspective and it’s something I’ve continued to explore. I find my soul relaxes when I’m being tied, I tend to be a high energy person so it’s like for once I can stop moving and just be present. I’ve also recently found a love for wax and breath play, two things I had previously set as hard limits but then gained interest in exploring. If you enjoy temperature play then I definitely recommend trying out wax, just be sure to do your research to avoid burns and awkward hospital trips.

I try to be incredibly open about what I want and it usually works out, although not everyone is as receptive as others. I’ve gotten my fair share of awkward stares or being ghosted, which I get, my kinks are definitely not for everyone. Maybe I should just write “Call me a good little slut & spit in my mouth” on my Tinder profile. But I get enough creepy messages on my own, my favorite being recently from an “old" soul who couldn’t quite take a hint. 

Go listen to my awkward voice tell you more about that one and Jeremie giving me a much needed lecture because surgery holes or not I refuse to slow down sometimes.

 Play safe everyone xo 


Jeremie Saunders