Smanging Sex Guitar: Tunes to Write a Poly Contract to

This week on Turn Me On: In a surprise host episode, Jeremie and Bryde discuss the highs and lows of opening up the relationship....again. We take a walk down memory lane to July 2015, when they drew up the first set of rules for their arrangement. Jeremie's acid fuelled journey into the wacky world of animal sex, dirty birds, and detachable penises means Bryde gets to hang out on the wholesome side of the couch.


Check out the first version of our Poly Contract below:

Guidelines for our "open" sexual relationship:

1. Kissing/making out with other people is Good. 

2. For now, anything more aggressive/sexual (i.e. oral/intercourse/voyeuritic masturbation, mutual masterbation etc.) is not not okay.

3. It's permissible to be active with same or opposite sex.

4. We both would like to be made aware of all interactions with whichever sex, preferably before they happen but if not, within a {determined window of time?} 

5. Details to be disclosed if requested include: who, when, where. *bryde would prefer to not know specifics beyond the above unless requested. No dirty details. I don't care to know how long it lasted. I will likely ask how it made you feel and how you feel now.

6. No multiple interactions with the same person (i.e. make out with Joe on monday, and see him on friday and go at it again) Just to avoid the potential of developing "feelings" if you will *exceptions to this rule include long weekends away for an event. Perhaps this needs to be discussed individually prior to each event weekend.  *Can this be open to conversation on a person to person basis?

7. There MUST be 100% transparency when it comes to developing "feelings" or anything like that as soon as it starts to develop. 

*what constitutes as feelings? Desire for more intimacy? 

8. AS SOON as one of us want to end these terms, they end. Any amendments to this rules must be implemented immediately.

9. Any friend or acquaintance who knows us and could observe us in action :) should be made fully aware of our arrangement.

10. The "no-go" lists: *****

11. Neutral or personal spaces only. No "hey let's go back to your house/room". Personal house parties may require exception. Being walked home/walking someone home, but staying outside?

12. Full disclosure with the physical partner where possible. A good question to consider asking the partner would be "would you tell my wife/husband that you want to make out with me?"

13. Licence to flirt via social media includes...facebook, tinder, email, text?

*Bryde is ok with Jeremie flirting in person or via social media to the point of explixit "sexting". Bryde is not ok with any flirtation that includes talking about our (jeremie and bryde) sexual relationship, intimate details of our marriage, or entertaining any flirtation regarding leaving the marriage or long term affairs. No photos. If you receive unsolicited photos, fine, but they get deleted after the encounter. No fucking secret hardrives. Scratch that. Send them to bryde. Haha. I'm not kidding.

14. License to flirt in person includes? How explicit do we allow? Up to any danger zone where lustiness is too tempted? 

Jeremie Saunders