The Submissive Side of your Financial Advisor

Like a kid in a candy store... Enter non-monogamy and unicorning

Hello! My name is Molly. In the real world I am a boss who calls as many shots as I can get my hands on, so in my sex life I prefer to cede that control to trustworthy, dominant partners. What is sub space? Why shouldn’t you renegotiate your boundaries during scenes? What’s with being bitten? What does tickling during sex feel like? I’m still learning the ropes, but I delve into to the above from the perspective of a submissive. (Fair warning: Tickle me and I’ll throat-punch you, and the apology I give you will be insincere AF.)


This is a new journey for me. Kink has only been a part of my sex life for the past two years, and throwing caution to the wind and diving in head-first was the best decision I could have made. Well, sort of. I had a caring partner keeping an eye out, and eventually discovered an old friend from childhood in the scene - so caution was still there, just on a long leash. Breath play, sensory deprivation, rope play, and impact are my sweet jams, and I have a special love for primal play with my Dom. The right kind of play with the right partner has the ability to turn off the constant noise in my Type A brain and drag me, occasionally kicking and screaming, into living in the moment. This whole world has been an adventure and every new twist brings on new learning experiences. I may not be into everything, but I’d rather know that now than wonder about it years down the road. That said, preferences are constantly changing so who knows? Maybe some day I *will* be into tickle torture.

Having this brilliant sex life and keeping it under wraps was torture, until I spilled the beans during a D&D session. Turns out the right friends can be awesome to share your sexcapades with. Though most of my family is still in the dark, my girl and guy friends are crazy supportive and together we’ve created a fun, accepting, and enthusiastic space to share our sex stories and steamy photos. Opening up the conversation about dating and playing in the fetish community was one of the best accidental slips of the tongue I’ve ever made. 10/10 would recommend.

Join Bryde, Jeremie, and I as we talk about how I developed from an introverted, vanilla, serial monogamist into the the heteroflexible, non-monogamous, kinky, submissive, people-loving unicorn I am today!

- Molly 

Jeremie Saunders