Cirque Du Squirt


I’m Cait.

I had kind of battled with myself a bit about if I was going to use my name for this. It did however occur to me a few days before we recorded this that there was actually no chance that someone listening to this wouldn’t recognize me. Either from my job description and abilities or from my incredible ability to jumble words together in the wrong order when speaking.

Also, quite honestly I don’t really suffer from having one of those “real people jobs” . As a professional circus artist I definitely don’t have to worry about being called out on being kinky or even naked on the internet (


Although none of my nude modeling has been sexual in nature, it really helped me to become more comfortable in my own skin. Really opening up some doors for me that helped me to become the comfortably sexual being that I am today. Being comfortable in your own skin is important and if you’re in a relationship, you need to be comfortable in your own skin WITH someone. I think that’s the tricky bit.

I had originally reached out to Turn Me On to discuss how growing up as a contortionist and knowing ( being told) that my future boyfriends and husbands would be “lucky” to have me due to my extreme flexibility.

Did we talk about it? Did we get sidetracked a whole bunch and talk about other stuff? Is it 4am and I just want to stop writing this blog post?

Well you’ll have to check out the episode to find out ;)



Jeremie Saunders